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I've worked, on and off, on the next Jack-Mack novel, the sequel to 'Among the Many Worlds.' Admittedly, there are other projects that need my attention so I've been 'developing' the story more than actually writing narrative. That's okay; there is no writer's block or anything of that sort, and it will come when it comes. The title has changed more than once. The tentative title, I should say, in that the book isn't written yet! My original thought was 'Dim Distant Stars.' I like (maybe even love) that phrase but I intend to save it now for some future project, most likely another novel of Jack McFee. For a while, I called the WIP 'The Eagle and the Crow' for my own notes. This reflects the two great 'empires' of known space, the Aigleans and the Corvans. To be sure, they aren't empires at all. They are barely even political entities but, rather, powerful trade federations. In that the book continues to tell of the war be

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